TBT Engineering has developed and patented a proven ground stabilization product and technique that mitigates issues caused by peat boils and peat migration from beneath railway embankments.

The Spring Drain is a composite geo-synthetic installation that is mechanically threaded between cribs (ties) at afflicted areas of track. 

Through a combination of dynamic shear wave dissipation, expedited porewater pressure relief, and load transference the Spring Drain reduces and eliminates ongoing maintenance costs (ditching and releveling), operational costs (peat removal and slow orders), and potential safety hazards (settlement induced rail fatigue and derailments).

Peat Boil on Train track

Spring Drain Solutions are provided through our corporate subsidiary entity SDrains

For more information on Spring Drains please contact the following:

Rob Frenette, P.Eng
Managing Director
M: 807-626-6639
Email: rfrenette@tbte.ca

Gord Maki, P.Eng
Vice President, Earth & Environmental
M: 807-621-1335
Email: gmaki@tbte.ca